Before saying anything, let’s just first clarify that there is a big difference between ‘diminishing’ and ‘removing’ scars. Scars which leave lesions in your skin (pitted acne scars and rolling acne scars) can be very difficult to remove permanently. In most cases, the only way to actually improve the appearance of the scar is to use chemical peels to shed off the damaged layers of skin or to use fractional laser therapy to correct the damage.

You may be wondering why intended scars are so hard to treat. The answer is that intended scars occur when a pimple heals but the underlying fat or muscle in that area suffers damage.

The absolute best and most practical ways to improve the appearance of these scars include:

  • microneedling
  • microdermabrasion or dermabrasion
  • skin laser therapy

These techniques can be invasive and generally require significant downtime to recover from. However, all hope is not lost. It is actually very possible to diminish the appearance of your intended scars using natural remedies at home.


Once again, it may not be practical to try and get rid of your scars at home, but you do have the option of diminishing their appearance significantly using natural ingredients. One overnight mask that works wonders on smoothing out your skin is the manuka honey and lemon mask.

  1. mix a teaspoon of manuka honey with a few drops of fresh lemon juice
  2. apply it to your face after cleansing
  3. leave it on overnight and wash off in the morning
  4. repeat this for three nights in a row to see amazing results

You could use regular honey, but it definitely won’t be as effective as manuka honey. Manuka honey is used in medical institutes around the world because of its effective wound-healing properties. Manuka honey is very moisturizing as well and when mixed with the AHA and vitamin C in lemon juice it can help tighten out your skin very quickly.

Manuka honey is one of the most natural forms of honey you can get on the market. It definitely has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties which makes it great for fighting acne.

  • Manuka honey should be applied on open wounds or pimples because it has the ability to reduce reactive intermediates which in turn reduces tissue damage by active organisms while the area is healing. This can prevent acne scars from forming.
  • The citric acid found in lemons also works to promote collagen production in the upper dermis.

It is important to note that the effects of this night mask won’t last forever and you should use the mask regularly to maintain your new beautiful skin.

e that the effects of this night mask won’t last forever and you should use the mask regularly to maintain your new beautiful skin.


Another effective method to diminish the look of those indented scars is to ensure that you are exfoliating your skin properly. Exfoliating can help even out your overall skin and make it level and smooth. One of the absolute best substances you can use to exfoliate your skin is baking soda.

However, baking soda is alkaline and studies have shown that using alkaline products on your skin may do more damage than good. So instead of using baking soda, you can try a milk and sea-salt scrub

  • 1.mix sea-salt with milk until you get a thick paste
  • 2.scrub your face for 3 minutes using the paste
  • 3.pat your face dry with a clean towel
  • 4.repeat once a week or twice a week depending on how sensitive your skin is

The lactic acid in milk and the minerals in sea salt work together to exfoliate your skin properly. The grainy texture of sea salt also adds to the effectiveness of the exfoliation process.

It may not be easy to get rid of intended scars permanently, but it is definitely possible for you to diminish their appearance at home. Using a manuka honey and lemon night mask along with a weekly baking soda scrub is an excellent way to even out your skin again.

  • A milk+ sea-salt scrub can be abrasive so make sure you do a patch test first before going forward with using it
  • Always ask your doctor to recommend you medical treatments for your skin before self-diagnosing yourself

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